Case Studies

Working wonders with WordPress

At Crush Pixels we help our clients realise their online potential, here's is a selection of WordPress sites we have developed or provided support for.

Gen M

GenM has a mission to improve the menopause experience for all – women and those in transition, as well as their friends, family, work colleagues and the companies they work for who are actively seeking ways to help them feel better supported and more visible at this pivotal time.

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Borough Smart

Borough Smart offers a robust and scalable smart city solution. Going beyond basic Central Management Systems (CMS) functionalities like dimming, trimming, and asset management, Borough Smart's adherence to open standards ensures your smart city infrastructure is primed for future advancements. Experience a unified platform that seamlessly integrates all smart city technologies.

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The Reflexology Hub

Reflexology Hub emerged from Steph's vision to create a sanctuary where individuals could explore the profound benefits of reflexology – an ancient healing art that stimulates specific points on the feet, hands, or ears to promote overall well-being.

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Plantar Fasciitis by The Barn Clinic

Providing Specialist treatments in Sheffield & London. Europe’s most experienced cryosurgery centre for treating plantar fasciitis. The Barn Clinic have been providing private health care and advanced podiatry for almost 20 years – and it’s something they have unrivalled enthusiasm for.

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Venture Forge

Based in the UK, Venture Forge is a team of Amazon experts building sustainable, global growth for clients across the Amazon marketplace. From the UK and Europe to North America or beyond.

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Love The Night Sky

If you love the stars and want to explore their beauty further, then you need to visit our new website for Love The Night Sky.

The website has a wealth of information on everything from constellations to planets with easy-to-follow guides and reviews.

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On-street and home EV charging solutions for street lighting engineers, housing developers, and contractors.

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Hot Water Taps

Based in the heart of the Cotswolds was established to take advantage of the two founding directors experience and expertise gained from over 30 years each in the industry and working at the forefront of boiling water tap development within the UK market.

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Pinnacle Body Rejuvenation

Pinnacle Body Rejuvenation is based both in central Leeds and central London and offer onsite and mobile treatments to the comfort of your own home.

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Vogue Spas

Voguespas was born of three generations of department store owners who joined forces with the principal of a bathroom industry business with a reputation pioneering new products and a constant innovation.

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Joule Craft Beer

Salford-born physicist and brewer. Amongst other things, Joule carried out experiments in his brewery which led to the invention of the thermometer which revolutionised science and industry. Fermenting his beer provided the inspiration and heat source for his valuable work.

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Friday at Five

Friday at Five are people experts. We understand what motivates individuals and teams to be the best at what they do and deliver the absolute best they can for your business. The team has a wealth of experience in developing, coaching, and enhancing skill sets to produce incredible results.

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Watermark Tech

Watermark Technologies Limited helps small businesses and individual departments to reduce processing times using electronic document management systems with improved speed and accuracy.

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