7th May 2019


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Bind are a complete wellbeing business providing corporate companies, with both mental and physical training.

Website Design for Bind

Single Page Website

Single page websites are becoming increasingly more popular with web owners.

Generally, the turn-around time for the design and build is greatly reduced as the content is carefully considered in a clutter-free, minimalistic fashion, therefore making it a cost-effective option for many startups and smaller businesses.

Another great benefit is after the initial load of the page, no other content would need to be loaded from within the browser, this is especially handy on mobile devices, with bandwidth limitations and overall from a usability perspective.

Mobile Friendly Design

Do you browse webpages on your mobile and often leave annoyed, only to find that you have to keep zooming in and out of the page to find what you’re looking for? This usually happens when a website does not have a responsive design. We are in a new age of website usage—specifically, mobile web usage. Users now turn to their mobile devices in most situations to view a website, so it is imperative it works on mobile devices. The new bind website is fast, secure, immediately accessible from a mobile device, and full of great, mobile-friendly content.

Bespoke Web Design

WordPress Design for Bind
WordPress Developement for Bind
Bespoke WordPress Website for Bind