22nd July 2022

Celtic Spas

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Offering Improved Wellness to Families & Households Throughout Britain.
Celtic Spas have joined forces with Hanscraft, Europe’s leading manufacturer of Spas, Hot Tubs, Swimspas and Saunas, to transform the way we all enjoy much better health, fitness and relaxation.

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Quality & Innovation

Quality & Innovation are the hallmarks of the hot tubs and saunas offered by Celtic.

Above all, the massive range of spas, swimspas and saunas ensures Celtic has the ability to precisely meet the needs of each and every customer’s unique requirements for exceptional wellness products.

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WooCommerce Catalog Website

Built upon the WordPress platform, the bespoke WooCommerce website encourages customers to contact the team at Celtic and enquire about products using the custom finance application process.

We crafted the website so that it is super easy to navigate and search for products.

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